15 Minutes with the Bishop: Hell

Is it a place of fire and brimstone, or wailing and gnashing of teeth? Is it a place that is simply an absence of God? Whatever the reality, the Catholic Church continues to hold to the idea of a place called Hell. What is the Church’s understanding of Hell? Has it changed over the years? How does a loving God allow people to end up in Hell? Bishop Patrick talks with Gavin about those questions in the latest episode of 15 Minutes with the Bishop.

  • Lucyna Maria

    I found this podcast rather strange.  How could Hell and Purgatory be talked about without any mention of how to avoid going to either place?  But then, maybe there’s no real need because the number of times that Bishop Patrick said that there probably isn’t anyone in Hell must mean that there is no need to help people avoid it.

    Quite different from the vision given to the children at Fatima in 1917 where souls fell into Hell like snowflakes and the children suffered and prayed in order to save poor souls from going there.

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