Station XV: Episode 50 — Elections, succession and ammunition

The 15th Station podcast

In this, the 50th episode of The 15th Station, the panel discusses the upcoming New Zealand general election, including the views of the two main parties’ leaders on a contentious moral issue, as well as changes to the closeness of Catholics to Britain’s throne, a call for better homilies and plea from bishops in the US to parishioners that they don’t “pack heat” when they head to church. Never a dull moment on the 50th episode of New Zealand’s first Catholic podcast.

The 15th Station is our active monthly news podcast.  We get a panel of Kiwi Catholics together to provide a Catholic perspective on the news and current events of the month.
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15 Minutes With The Bishop is a series of interviews with Bishop Patrick Dunn, DD, the Catholic Bishop of Auckland, New Zealand.
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