The View from Down Here: February 21, 2012

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In the newest show in the Station 15 stable, Brendan and Tim Malone, from Christchurch, NZ, speak with fellow New Zealander Gavin Abraham, now based in Australia, on some of the big stories in the United States that straddle the divide of Catholicism and politics. In this inaugural episode of The View from Down Here, the guys talk about the controversial Health and Human Services mandate on providing contraception and sterilisation free to women, as well as a first look at the Republican primary contest, as the GOP looks for the person to take on President Barack Obama in November’s election.

We’d love to get your thoughts on the show; please add your comments below.

PS Apologies for the slightly dodgy sound quality; we’ve got some new equipment that will improve the quality for future episodes.

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  • Marianna

    Welcome to the SQPN audience! And, congratulations on your new show!!. Good insight on HHS vs Catholic Church in US. Interesting how even across the glob you are so knowledgeable on this issue.  Guess it is a global society.

    I listened yesterday US East Coast time. But, wanted to think more about your broadcast before commenting.

    Something to consider.  By mandating “free” contraception Obama and the Libs have:
    –Revived the “woman’s right to choose” issue and a massive voting block. I think he gains more from the firming up this block than losing the “Catholic vote.”
    –He has also boosted support for ObamaCare from this same block. Free birth control (and abortions – just wait.) Nothing else matters to this major voting block.
    –He has moved to way down the list:
    –The spotlight from the rapid economic demise of our Country.
    –The apocalyptic events developing in Iran and the Mid-East.
    –His continuing to circumvention of the US Constitution by issuing dictates to change regulations rather than properly doing this through the Legislature. 
    –And other “midnight” appointments, executive orders, etc.

    I know little about the Islam religion, other than killing and maiming seem to be The Law in “their book.”  But, I question why I’ve not heard any reaction from them about this issue (maybe it’s OK with them.) Silly me, if it did offend Muslims in this country, Obama would never had imposed the dictate. Christians can be stifled, criticized, etc. But, we must be considerate of the religious tennents of Muslims.  But, even the slippery slop of eroding religious freedoms in this country should raise some concern for them.

    The war on Christianity has bee bumped up a huge knotch.

    Is Revelation playing out?

    Well, I could go on and may send other “thoughts” as they come to me, if you don’t mind. 

    Now people you may want to follow in you study of US government and politics.

    Sean Hannity. http://www.hannity.com 

    Mark Steyn: http://www.steynonline.com The perspective of a conservative Canadian (living just over the boarder in the us.) 

    And, in addition to checking out SQPN’s own iPadre’s latest tweet:  Fr. Jay Finelli @iPadre The Audacity of Obama wp.me/p1rAyv-FU.  Also, listen to his latest podcast at iPadre.com it’s #248. A compelling sermon he gave this weekend in his parish.

    Well, you did say you wanted comments. Although, you may be regretting that after this lengthy one.

    Just wondering.  Do you broadcast the podcast while recording it?  If so, is there a chat room?  This works well with the SQPN podcasts that are recorded live.  We can provide real time info to the hosts. I.e. the woman’s right to choose voting block would have been, what I think, an important addition to your show.  

    Do you have a separate Twitter account or do you use use the 15th station account.

    That’s all I can think of.  For now…

    Great show.  And, I’m looking forward more podcasts from you and exploring the others in the 15th Station “stable.”  [Stable. Interesting choice of now.  I have a “stable.” It is the home of my horse. 🙂 ]

    Massachusetts, USA

    • Gavin


      Thanks for your very thorough comments and we appreciate them. We will keep an eye on those sources of information you recommend.

      Re: live broadcast, we don’t do that at the moment, but it’s something we might look at in the future. Being on Catholic Weekend last week, I saw the benefits of doing that. Part of our challenge is time zones; we record in the early evening for me in Australia, which is late evening in New Zealand and early hours of the morning in the US, where Catholic podcast listeners typically hang out. And there’s no separate View from Down Here Twitter feed yet either. It was a bit of a case of “let’s start a new podcast. When? Right now.”

      OK, off to put the horses back in the stable 🙂


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