Station XV: Episode 54 — Bishops, Billboards and Baptists

The 15th Station podcast

It’s another intriguing episode of Station 15, as we explore the role of bishops in industrial disputes, Jesus’ ability to heal diseases and the Pope’s upcoming trip to Cuba, not to mention one of the most frivolous court cases you might ever hear about. Just another month in the life of The 15th Station.

  • Marianna (from the US)

    You know about the Yankees, Celtics and we in the US do know about Manchester United. 🙂  A Royals shirt, not bad. But, a Nick’s shirt? Really, he must root for underdogs. So, you follow our sports and we follow your Peter Jackson, Hobbit/LOTR!
    I’m a political junkie. I listen to “View from Down Here” and enjoy hearing the perspective on the US from ‘your part of the world.’

    Seriously, I enjoy both shows.  And, I especially appreciate that you don’t seem to hesitate to take on controversial issues.

    Keep up the great programming!!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Marianna. Always great to hear from our listeners and know that people enjoy listening to what we enjoy recording. 🙂

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