The View from Down Here: April 10, 2012

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In this week’s episode, Brendan and Gavin talk about the big news of the past week — President Obama’s comments about the possible fate of his health care legislation as the Supreme Court rules on its constitutionality. What does it mean for the separation of powers in the US? What does it tell us about President Obama and his re-election bid? The guys also talk about the latest deal between the US and Afghanistan about night raids in the latter, the ongoing debate on religious freedom and give a quick Republican primary update. We hope you enjoy the show.

  • You were talking about some shopkeepers wanting to stay open on holidays…  Well, we had an interesting experience here in Colorado USA.  Liquor stores (bottle shops) weren’t allowed to be open on Sundays, but they put a measure on the ballot and changed the law.  Well, average daily sales dropped by 1/6th – so in the end, they didn’t sell any more.  Yes, it was more convenient for their customers – not like that had ever presented REAL problems – but their costs increased because they had to pay employees for an extra day.

    So don’t believe people who argue that this will somehow increase business.  It won’t.


    • Hi Carl,

      Sorry for the exceptionally tardy response; we’ve been having a few technical issues with the sites. That’s an interesting test case you’ve provided for us and one that I’ll remember for future discussions about trading restrictions and the benefit of opening for longer periods or on more days. That doesn’t change the spending power of people, as your example points out, just changes their spending habits in terms of “when”. Thanks for listening to the shows.


  • Trese

    Johnny Cash, love it!!!

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