Station XV: Episode 86 — On synods, struggling, science and shonkiness

The 15th Station podcast

The Synod on the Family — or Part 1 of the Synod, at least — has continued to dominate headlines in the Church, including in New Zealand, where the lone Archbishop, Wellington’s John Dew, continues to be a strong proponent of changes to the pastoral care of Catholics who have divorced and remarried. Don, James and Gavin pick up the conversation on the controversial topic, and also discuss the unrest among some senior bishops and cardinals, as well as the allegedly groundbreaking moment of a Pope saying evolution might be real! Quelle horreur! There’s also the actually groundbreaking comments of Prince Charles on persecuted Christians and the latest “Jesus was married” conspiracy. Enjoy the show — and if you do, why not invite a friend to listen too?