Station XV: Episode 89 — Kids, botox and 20-minute homilies

The 15th Station podcast

It’s hard to believe it’s almost Lent, but Lucy, Don, James and Gavin have got their penance in early with the latest jam-packed episode of The 15th Station. Pope Francis weeks-long unpacking of families in today’s world features prominently, with his comments that couples who choose not to have children are selfish and his green light for fathers to smack their kids causing a double stir. A Vatican document that suggested elective┬ácosmetic surgery was a “burqa of the flesh” also raised eyebrows. Back in New Zealand, there are fears Mass in Maori — the language of indigenous New Zealanders — may die out, and there’s also anger at the inclusion of an offensive t-shirt in a museum exhibition. Can a 20-minute homily fix it? Find out in this month’s show.