Station XV: Episode 90 — Confrontation, assassination and reconciliation

The 15th Station podcast

Lucy, James and Gavin offer their musings on the big Catholic stories of the month, and in New Zealand, the biggest story was the New Zealand bishops quickly and publicly pledging their support for the Government’s decision to send military personnel to the Middle East to help train those who are fighting against Islamic State/IS/ISIS/ISIL. As the violence and barbaric acts escalates, the bishops said people “can no longer watch on from the sidelines”, and echoing comments from Pope Francis on the threat of Islamic State. The Pope makes two other appearances in the show, talking about the possibility he could be assassinated, and also for his decision to allow a homeless man to be buried inside the Vatican. Back in New Zealand, there are concerns about the sanctity of the confessional. All that and more in this month’s episode of The 15th Station.