Station XV: Episode 98 — Scandals, Surveys, Synods, Saints and Sinners

The 15th Station podcast

Pope Francis isn’t going to let the Vatican leaks and the associated scandals slow down his papacy — and he’s told some of Italy’s Church leaders as much in a major speech. It’s maybe that attitude or just Francis’s demeanour, but his recent trip to the United States has seen his popularity — and people’s comfort with their own faith — improve. That’s happened while bishops and cardinals have been battling over what the Synod on the Family really said about Communion for the divorced and remarried. Perhaps we all just need to download a new app to help us find (or stay on) the path to holiness.

  • gustavoH

    Regarding annulment of marriage: the concept of annulment means that the act is invalid from the beginning. It applies if you got married against your will, not in your faculties, under deception, etc. But you were never really married.
    From that point of view, marriage is binary. If your marriage is valid, is definitive. If you can get an annulment, then you were never married. The annulment is the recognition of that fact retroactively.
    On the other hand, divorce means that you were married, and that valid marriage is now dissolved. This is what goes against the Church teachings, since marriage is a lifetime commitment.
    Subtle but important difference.

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