Station XV: Episode 104 — Pope, Pope, President, Pope and Pasta

The 15th Station podcast

Pope Francis can’t seem to stay out of the headlines, but it’s mostly for positive reasons that he’s in the media in the first place. Pope Francis’s gesture — which he says wasn’t political — to bring 12 Syrians back to Rome from the Greek island of Lesbos captured headlines and people’s hearts. His call for tough action on paedophiles was well received, but many want actions rather than words. The new Filipino president’s words, including a pretty unkind swipe at Pope Francis, were also in the news, as was discussion of women deacons. But was the media coverage more hopeful than truthful? Check out a transcript of what the Pope actually said. Maybe James, Don and Gavin could get more information from the Pastafarian lovebirds married in New Zealand. Yes; you read that correctly. Enjoy the show.