Station XV: Episode 112 — New year, new approach, new relationship, new lyrics

The 15th Station podcast

Pope Francis has expressed optimism that 2017 can be a good year while also acknowledging the deadly start to the year in Turkey and the challenge of people embracing peace and rejecting hatred. The Pope has also called for bishops to redouble their efforts in stamping out child sexual abuse in the Church. The Vatican is looking to strengthen ties with China, but China has its own views of how the Church should be allowed to operate in the Communist country. Cardinal John Dew wants to strengthen the Church’s ties with young people, showing them what a life in service of others can offer. In Sri Lanka, a Christmas carol service offered something a bit different, with the wrong Hail Mary lyrics printed in the hymn booklet. Join Don, James and Gavin for another wide-ranging episode of The 15th Station.