Station XV: Episode 114 — Priests, poverty, parishes, policy and a pooch

The 15th Station podcast

Pope Francis — not for the first time — features prominently in this month’s episode of The 15th Station. He’s going to examine the possibility of ordaining married men to help address priest shortages in some remote parts of the world and he has also challenged us to be more generous in the way we respond to those who are asking for our charity. Back in New Zealand, plans have been unveiled for an Archdiocesan Synod in Wellington, to be held later this year, looking at the present and future of the Church there. In the US, Catholic bishops and ministry leaders remain deeply concerned about President Trump’s approach to refugees and asylum seekers. But a “Franciscan” dog might be able to bring a smile to our faces to wrap up the show. James and Gavin welcome a new podcaster, Anna, to this episode. Enjoy the show!