Station XV: Episode 116 — Francis, Fatima, Faith and Fairness

The 15th Station podcast

All eyes will be on the Vatican later this month when Pope Francis plays host to President Donald Trump, with the discussion predicted to cover some uncomfortable territory for the latter. Closer to home, New Zealand Catholic education leaders are looking at how best to support “unChurched” young people in their quest for faith. Across the Tasman Sea in Sydney, it was supporting pregnant women that inspired pr0-life advocates to fight proposed abortion laws. Back in Europe, Pope Francis has canonised two of the Fatima visionaries on the 100th anniversary of the first apparitions. In between time, the Holy Father found time to record a TED talk, in which he spoke about the importance of leaders who had generosity and fairness in their hearts. Join Anna, Don, James and Gavin as they navigate those stories in this month’s episode.