Station XV: Episode 117 — Election, Collection, Reflection and Connection

The 15th Station podcast

Pope Francis has offered the influential world leaders at the G-20 summit some important reflections, including on their responsibility to look after their own people, as well as their brothers and sisters around the world. The New Zealand Catholic Bishops similarly urged their flock to consider the most needy when New Zealanders vote in the national election later this year. There are two big stories from Australia in this month’s episode. The most recent Census has shown that the number of people stating they have “no religion” has increased significantly, meaning Christians are now barely a majority in the country. And in news that grabbed headlines around the world, former Archbishop of Sydney and Melbourne, Cardinal George Pell, has been charged with historical sexual abuse offences. Also in Australia, a motorcycle club is taking to the streets to connect with others and share the story of Jesus. A typically diverse and fast-paced episode awaits. Enjoy the show.