Station XV: Episode 123 — Instruction, Inquiry, Immigration and Identification

The 15th Station podcast

As 2018 gets under way, Pope Francis has been very clear in his advice to Vatican ambassadors — uphold the family and protect all life. He’s also been clear about people’s obligations to refugees and asylum-seekers, while acknowledging that some people can fear “the other”. In New Zealand, there’s a call for an inquiry into child abuse to include religious organisations, and in Australia, a new sculpture is causing a little confusion, but also raising awareness. Join Anna, Don, James and Gavin for the first episode of the year.

  • Don Arsenault

    Thanks for the podcast. I enjoy your banter and discussions. I do believe however, that you state opinions regarding the US that are tinged by the mass media bias so prevalent today.

    Kindly consider that The US does not directly cause the refugee problem. First off, If all nations would engage the leaders of barbaric states, the refugee problem would not be so severe. Also, it is not beneficial to remove refugees to the other side of the world. It would be much better if civilized nations would establish safe havens as near to the refugees’ homes.

    The US has always welcomed refugees. What has occurred in recent times is that existing immigration laws have been ignored creating great difficulties.

    Any nation has the right and duty of protecting its borders. Your example of the pilot program in NZ certainly exhibits this. Refugees under that program are first subjected to inquiry to determine if they are indeed refugees needing sanctuary. This is all that the citizens of the US want.

    On another topic, I also agree with Don that the Holy Father should discipline himself when speaking out. His off-the-cuff comments, and some formal pronouncements are totally contrary to the teaching of the Magisterium. As a former military officer, I understand that any leader must be self-disciplined enough to present a clear, focused orders so the troops can perform properly. Business leaders also understand that and craft their messaging to achieve their goals.


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