Station XV: Episode 46 — Vatican III, Vatican Tweet and Vatican Scent

The 15th Station podcast

A prominent New Zealand lawyer calls for a “Vatican II-type council”, Pope Benedict sends his first tweet and a perfumier in the United States launches “Benedictus” cologne to mark the 60th anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s ordination to the priesthood. Those stories, plus a bishop’s quest for vocations and a government official sticking up for Christians in this month’s episode of The 15th Station.


Catechiwi: The Commandments, Episode 3

The Catechiwi Podcast

Fr Merv Duffy, SM, and Gavin continue to work through the Ten Commandments in the July episode of Catechiwi. This month, it’s commandments five and seven: Thou shall not kill and Thou shall not steal. As we’ve found with the other commandments, there’s often a lot more to them than meets the eye.

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15 Minutes with the Bishop: Tradition

Scripture or Tradition? Tradition or Scripture? In the Catholic Church, it’s a case of both/and. In 15 Minutes with the Bishop this week, Bishop Patrick Dunn and Gavin talk about how Sacred Scripture and the Tradition of the Church have guided her for 20 centuries.


15 Minutes with the Bishop: One man’s vocation

In previous episodes of 15 Minutes with the Bishop, we;ve covered things happening out in the world. In this week’s show, we get a little more personal, as Gavin talks with Bishop Patrick Dunn about the latter’s priestly vocation. How did his family influence the man who would become Bishop of Auckland? Was there a moment when he knew he had to enter the seminary? Learn answers to those questions and many more in this episode.



15 Minutes with the Bishop: The Papacy

On June 29, the Church commemorates the lives of two great pillars of Christianity: Sts Peter and Paul. Peter was, of course, the first Pope and in this week’s episode Bishop Patrick Dunn talks with Gavin about the origins of the papacy, the role of the pope and the concept of papal infallibility. New episodes of 15 Minutes with the Bishop are uploaded each Friday.


15 Minutes with the Bishop: Confirmation

The post-Pentecost season — and even during Eastertide — seems to be the time for parishes to welcome bishops into their midst for Confirmation Masses. In this week’s episode, Bishop Patrick Dunn talks with Gavin about the sacrament of Confirmation. What does it signify? How do we decide the right age for Confirmation? Is there basis for Confirmation in Scripture? Those questions and more are answered in 15 Minutes with the Bishop.


Station XV – Episode 45: Benedict in Croatia and at the breakfast table

The 15th Station podcast

In this month’s episode, Pope Benedict is making his presence felt to the ends of the earth — and beyond. We discuss his visit to Croatia, his conversation with astronauts and him being featured on American breakfast TV. We also look at how a priest shortage might impact schools and a billboard controversy in Australia. A busy show!!


Ignition: Talk 3, Part 5

The Ignition Podcast

There was so much value in what Bishop Anthony Fisher had to say during the question-and-answer session following the 2007 NZ Catholic Lecture that we’re continuing with more in this week’s episode of Ignition. The lecture was entitled “Catholic Conscience in the 21st Century”.


15 Minutes with the Bishop: Office of Bishop

In Palmerston North tomorrow (June 11), Msgr Charles Drennan will be ordained Coadjutor Bishop of Palmerston North. In this episode of 15 Minutes with the Bishop, Bishop Patrick Dunn talks to Gavin about the office of bishop. What are the bishop’s roles? What can he do that a priest can’t? What is a “coadjutor” bishop? Bishop Patrick answers those questions and more in this week’s episode.


15 Minutes with the Bishop: Ascension and Pentecost

Here we are on the eve of two of the great feasts in the Church’s liturgical year: Ascension and Pentecost. Bishop Patrick Dunn talks with Gavin this week about those feasts, what they celebrate and their importance to the life of the Church in the first century and still today.

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